what is it like to have a rat as a pet?

Do you want to know what is it like to have a rat as a pet? many people think having a rat as a pet is almost the same as owning the smallest and most lovable dog as a pet you will ever own in a lifetime.

Haven a rat as a pet is not easy to come by so it raises questions about having a rat as a pet, so many wonders why on earth with a lot of animals such as dog, cat, and many more and you go for the rat as a pet.

Now let see what is it like to have a rat as a pet, there are few perks of being or having a rat as a pet.


  • Rats are very intelligent, rats can easily pick up on tricks, and they are able to know their names and come when called. Most rats even played with their owners and also fetch with when treats and rat food.
  • Rats are also adorable, yes they are adorable with their cutest noises which are called BRUXING also able to move their eye which is call BOGGLING when comes to content. Each rat comes with its own unique personalities and traits. In conclusion, rats love to have a pet.
  • Rats don’t bite easily as compared to other pets, normally rats bite when been aggressive because of their being breeding badly. But when it comes to the young rat you can control and prevent them from hormones from taking overbites when biting becomes frequent. You can do this by training them and eventually their hormones will be subsided and will be transformed into trust. Rat is more friendly than other animals like dwarf hammies.

So if you plan to have a rat as a pet then consider the above reasons or the advantages and make some as your pet. But notwithstanding there is also a bad side of what a rat as a pet that you have to consider in other to make a good and perfect decision when choosing a rat as a pet.

Now let look at what is it like to have a rat as a pet, The downsides of it.

  • Haven rats as a pet cost money, how? When you what to buy them it really cheap but in terms of maintaining is costly. You have to have enough money to be a good rat owner because you should be able to afford expected vet hospital bills. And each visit to the vet with your rat can cost around $45 – $100 and imagine if you have visited a vet at least twice a week for all your rat if you want to keep them healthy.
  • Rats need your attention, rats are like humans and needed interactions. For instead sometimes you have to cancel a trip or may have to get someone who is also interested in rats to take care of them for you in your absence assuming if you will be away for long, let say more than 2-3 days.
  • One downside of having a rat as a pet is rats’ lifespan is short, rats live short lives so how will you feel grooming a friend or pet with money and other expensive things and losing it within a short term averagely of two years. It always bitter when it has really become part of you as a friend should be a sudden it went. As it has been indicated the lifespan of rats is 2years. Although they are good for short-term pets and believe in me, you may found it very hard to let it go or to say goodbye but you will always remember them.

The remarkable fact is that if you are a rat owner you should have a unique name for your pet rat and have a strong bond with it.

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And when good names are giving it makes a hard distinction as a rat pet owner and it makes you grow close to it along the way.

Many rat pet owners have rats as a pet for any reason and with both the perk and downside of have a rat as a pet, hope you can make a good decision after reading this post.

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I encourage you to go ahead if you want to take a rat or rat as a pet for a good adventure.

Eric Adjei

I love animals and am glad to share fun facts and stories about our four-legged and feathery friends, etc. I also try to teach people how to take good care of their pets, to create the best environment for them in the family.

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