What Animals Have Yellow Eye- 6 Night Animals With Yellow Eyes

You may be wondering which animals have a yellow eye at night or in the dark? Or you may found it difficult to identify animals with yellow eyes at night.

If so then you are the right place because this guide is going to look at some common animals with a yellow eyes at night or glowing yellow eyes at the night.

Typically, these are animals which eyes reflect back the light at night whether being throwing of flashlight at them or caught at night. Here are some of the animals with yellow eyes:

  • Bears
  • Cats
  • Deer’s
  • Raccoons
  • Chinchillas
  • panthers

Most often when you meet animals at night there are many colors to identify depending on the animal, some of the colors that animals glowing at night includes;

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • White
  • Orange and
  • Amber


In this guide, we will take a very good look at animals with yellow eyes at night, but some will represent with just pictures, and remember that the animals may not have the same color at any time.

What Animals Have Yellow Eye

Now let start by focusing our attention on animals with yellow eyes as is our motive for this guide, though there are many animals with this color at night in this guide, we will be focusing on only six (6) animals with a yellow eye.


The first example we are going to look at bears, they are the first example of an animal with a yellow eye at night, bears have normal dark brown eyes in the daytime but when you throw light at them in the night the eye turn to be typically bright yellowish.

What Animals Have Yellow Eye

If that is your first time seeing it, you may be afraid or possibly scared if you see them at night.


Yes, you may be thinking of only two colors this normal eye at daytime and yellowish at night, but cats can have many eye colors. When a cat is staring at the photographer with bright yellow eyes you may be shocked.

Normally eye colors may be course by two main pigment colors which are called melanin and lip chrome.

The type of pigment or the lack thereof is determined which color the cat’s eyes will have. But it only at night that the color of cat eyes changes color by reflecting only parts of the light spectrum.

What Animals Have Yellow Eye

Let look at the two types of yellow cat’s eyes which look pretty scary in the dark and if that is your first time you it will scare you.

What Animals Have Yellow Eye


Another animal with the yellow eye at night is the deer, deer is easy to come by either driving or walking along the forest at night time, and you will see them looking right at you. They have normal eye color at daytime, and at night when light reflects on its eye it reflects back as yellow.


What Animals Have Yellow Eye

Raccoons are the next animal with a yellow eye at night when comes front of you, they are nocturnal animals and they also have their eyes yellow at night because they also have a reflective layer behind their eyes. And raccoons will also reflect yellow eyes back at you at night.


Chinchillas popularly known as exotic pets are very pretty, their eye light up yellow at night very deep and they are always look focused on the light or the photographer.


Here is the last animal with a yellow eye at night we are going to look at, panthers are the big cats that hunts at night with a very intense eye.

What Animals Have Yellow Eye
What Animals Have Yellow Eye

All the cats being small or big will have a yellowish eye at night or in the dark. Not all cats have a yellowish eye at night with lit faces, panthers have very intense yellow eyes but not often because they may sometimes turn greener.




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