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    When Goshawks Dominated the Autumn Skies

    Are the large migration flights of Northern Goshawks a factor of the previous? Some scientists suppose local weather exchange and habitat loss have made those giant accipiters completely scarce. However others see a fancy development of cycles inside of cycles, and the likelihood that the mega flights will go back.

    Tale by way of Scott Weidensaul; Pictures by way of Dudley Edmondson

  • a gray and black bird perches in a bare tree top against a blue sky

    Can the Clark’s Nutcracker Lend a hand Its BFF, the Whitebark Pine, Get better from Crisis?

    Clark’s Nutcrackers and whitebark pine have deeply intertwined lives. If and when the pine is indexed underneath the Endangered Species Act, the tree’s restoration may just rely on its birdy very best good friend.

    Via Carrie Arnold

  • a blue and black bird with a berry in its beak

    For Odd Birds, Does Difference Carry the Chance of Extinction?

    The use of an cutting edge research of the “morphospace,” scientists found out that the arena’s maximum strange hen species are those maximum susceptible to extinction. Their loss would depart a much less numerous, fascinating, and purposeful international.

    Via Greg Breining

  • a white egret with black bill and yellow feet hunts in shallow water with its wings spread

    Annual Record 2022

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