Gallery: Spotted Owl, Ambassador for Forest Conservation

Illustration of a Spotted Owl on a tree. Bird is speckled brown and white, a yellow little bill and big, dark eyes. Long talons clasp the branch in the dark, peaceful woods.

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2022 Bartels science illustrator Liz Wahid creates artwork this is impressed and knowledgeable by means of her adventures in birdwatching, in addition to her hands-on enjoy taking good care of injured raptors as a Cornell College undergraduate (’18), when she labored with the Cornell Raptor Program.

When requested to create a virtual portray of a chook to grace a Cornell Lab of Ornithology tote bag (a receive advantages for Sponsor-level participants), Wahid knew she sought after to tackle a raptor of a few sort: “I selected Northern Noticed Owl to herald a component of conservation. They’re ambassadors for woodland conservation at the West Coast.” She hopes her art work sparks interest in order that folks will turn into extra within the specialty of each and every chook species and extra acutely aware of conservation problems.

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