animals that do not make noise, quiet animal, silent animals, mute animal

animals that do not make noise, quiet animal, silent animals, mute animal

Animals That Make No Sounds (Why are they 100% Silent)

Not all animals make sounds. a minimum of not sounds that are audible to the human ear. Let’s take a glance at which animals we discover that don’t speak in the least or make any noises.

Which animals make no sounds?
  1. Jellyfish
  2. Snails
  3. Butterflies
  4. Crabs
  5. Sharks
  6. Goldfish
  7. Sea Urchins
  8. Worms
  9. Starfish
  10. Sea Cucumber
  11. Sea Anemones
  12. Sponges
  13. Clams
  14. Sea Lily’s
  15. Sea Squirts
  16. Man O’Wars

These are animals which will not communicate using their vocal box or mouth.

There are some really amazing facts to seem into here!

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Let’s get thereto and see how and why these animals get through the day with none sounds in the least.

We even have some animals that are super-quiet predators. they will surprise any animal because they’re silent as a ninja.

But let’s start by watching a number of the animals that make no sounds through their mouth.

These Are the Animals That Make No Sounds

Let’s start with clarifying that we are talking about sounds made through the animal’s mouth.

most people think that all animals can produce or make sounds if we are talking about mechanical sounds as they move, eat, or fight.

But we are strictly talking about calls and other sounds made through the mouth so as to speak with other animals or to precise pain etc.

Let’s take a better look a number of the silent animals which will not or cannot make sounds.

The Jellyfish is totally silent

animals that do not make noise, quiet animal, silent animals, mute animal

There’s an honest reason why the jellyfish doesn’t make any sounds.

You probably know this is often you wish to swim within the ocean. The jellies are often fun to seem at but a number of them can sting you. So it might be better if they weren’t completely silent.

But they’re.

Jellyfish are very simple creatures and that they belong to the list of animals which don’t even have a brain. This also means they’re unable to manufacture any sort of communication.

They just float around and feed.

Worms also are silent

Worms don’t communicate with one another by using sounds.

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So as to speak they’re going to use touch and taste. they’re going to feel vibrations alright (in the soil) and whenever they feel the world tremble they will quickly move upwards to the surface. they’re going to do so as to avoid getting caught by an enemy.

These Are the Animals That Make No Sounds
These Are the Animals That Make No Sounds

But in any case, worm’s life most of their lives within the grounds or under rocks and stones so why would they not be silent anyway. There’s nobody to speak to underground anyway.

Sea Urchins make no sounds

Sea Urchins don’t communicate with their mouth. In fact, they don’t even have a brain either (just like the jellies).

Sea Urchins are very simple animals which may only move around and feed.

Sea Urchins make no sounds

So there’s no communication passing through its mouth. the sole sound you’ll hear from this animal is that the tiny legs walking on the small pebbles at rock bottom of the ocean (or within the aquarium).

Sea Urchins will eat algae off the rocks and that they can do so very silently. But you’ll hear some tiny scratching sounds if you’re completely silent around it. which will be the teeth grinding the algae!

Do Fish Make Sounds?

You would think that fish are totally silent generally.

But you’d be wrong.

There are literally many sorts of fish which may utter vocalizations. Your goldfish isn’t one among them but let’s take a glance at a number of the fish sounds within the ocean.

According to the marine scientist ShahrimanGhazali from the University of Auckland, all fish can hear and a few also can make sounds through the mouth. But they don’t have any vocal cords in order that they make weird sounds!

Fish sounds are best described as chirps and grunts and that they will make these sounds so as to speak and express dominance, fear, or pain.

Fish will make sounds so as to speak, mate, or warn other fish of predators.

Actually, the primary person to explain fish vocalizations were Aristotle quite 2,000 years ago. Fish can make a drumming-like squeaking sound by vibrating its swim bladder. the opposite sound it can make sounds more just like the sound you get from plastic rubbed on metal.

Biologists are ready to record these sounds with underwater mics. It’s hard to try to because many fish are shy and can shut one’s mouth (or swim away) once they see scuba divers in order that they had to twiddle my thumbs and wait.

Do Animals Have Vocal Cords?

Most mammals have a larynx.

This is a hollow muscular organ wont to pass air into the lungs. this is often the muscle that holds the vocal cords. it’s also called the larynx.

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Birds, on the opposite hands, to now have a larynx.

Instead, they need what’s called a syrinx. that’s the voice organ of birds and it’s alright developed among birds like parrots and crows that sing (and speak) well. they will control this by pressing air through it and a few birds can even produce quite one sound at the time.

For many smaller birds, the syrinx isn’t bigger than 1/3 of an in. (0,8 millimetre).

Very impressive.

What sort of pet birds make no sounds?

If you’re trying to find a pet bird which keeps quiet you’ve got several options.

As we just above, birds are wonderful singers and songbirds can even do several sounds at an equivalent time. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have any exceptions.

some of the bird we find cannot also make sound or noise at all.

  • Parakeets

have been observed to often sit quietly. they appear like tiny parrots but they’re much easier to worry for and that they also are smaller and definitely quieter.

  • Canary birds

The Canary birds can definitely sing and that they really sing beautifully. But often they’re going to shut one’s mouth and that they are an honest option if you would like an animal that doesn’t make much noise around you.

You will need to choose a female Canary because the males are most known for that lovely singing.

Other than that, you ought to expect older birds to form fewer sounds than young birds. As they grow old they have a tendency to take a seat more quietly and relax their syrinx (bird’s voice boxes).

Animals which will Move Silently (Like Ninjas)

Some animals can make sounds but also can prefer to be extremely silent once they need to.

These are often predators of the dark. you’ll know what’s coming for you if you’re hunted by these amazingly effective predators. they will move without a sound!

A good example of this is often the owls.

Owls are often super-silent

Owls are often super-silent
Owls are often super-silent

They can fly over their prey without making any sound in the least. this is often thanks to their perfect aerodynamic shape which suggests that the wind won’t make any sound when passing by its wings.

This is especially smart for that owls because they hunt by taking note of every sound within the forest.

There’re faces are shaped during a way that they will devour any small sound made within the forest.

Whenever they hunt they’re going to hover over the forest silently and completely undetected. As soon because it picks up any sound it can dive down and catch a mouse or other little creatures.

The Shark is not any chatterbox either


Sharks are exceptional hunters and that they also are one among the quietest animals stumped.

They also have special scales which allows the water to flow by without making any sound whatsoever. This makes then the super predator of the ocean and animals will never know what’s coming when the Shark is approaching.

Because there’s almost no friction between the Shark within the water they will swim super-fast. this is often another benefit for the shark.

Not only can it move super silently – but it also can swim faster than most other fish!

Scientists have actually started those special scales. they need been used as inspiration for spatial swimming suits which provides the swimmer with an excellent advantage.

Which Animal Doesn’t Have Vocal Cords?



Rabbits even have no vocal cords. But that doesn’t mean that they’re completely silent in the least times.

A stressed rabbit can make some pretty terrifying grunting sounds that sound love it is in pain. But most of the time it’ll just sit quietly and do its business.

Rabbits will produce some mechanical sounds from eating carrots etc. but you will not hear it making any sounds from it mouth.

It’s impossible without the vocal cords.



Giraffes even have no wool coat court and produce no sounds through the mouth.

This is pretty amazing once you believe its size. After all, it’s the world’s tallest animal!

Does this mean that the giraffes cannot communicate with one another and with their little ones? No. they will do infrasonic sounds which are sounds inaudible to the human ear.

They are way too low-pitched for the human ear to select it up.

Biologists are ready to devour the sounds with microphones and computer. When the pc systems analyzed the sounds they found that the sounds were extremely low-frequency. Low-frequency sounds can travel over big distances which are perfect for warning calls.

They can also do a whistling sort of sound so as to call upon their kids.


Snakes are another category of animals who didn’t process vocal cords.

As you almost certainly know, snakes will do a hissing and rattling sound to allow you to know they’re approaching. This hissing sound isn’t produced through vocal cords.


But like many rules, there are exceptions.

The Pine Snakes have local chords in order that they can make several sounds. But most of the time they won’t. they’re going to close up and silent a bit like other snakes and that they won’t utilize their special ability.



Snails are as silent as they’re slow.

Snails names also are created without vocal cords.

If you hear any sound from the snail it’ll be the sound of it retracting itself back to its house. or even its eating and you’ll it preys on the leaves.

So as you’ll see these sounds are more mechanical of nature. they are doing not speak or do any audible sounds with their mouth.

But when was the last time you heard a snail creeping abreast of you anyway?

What Are Some Animals that do not Make Noise?

Animals that don’t vocalize noises include snails, worms, hermit crabs, sharks and goldfish. Turtles, snakes, lizards and rabbits are considered silent pets due to the rarity of their vocalizations, though they’re capable of vocalization.

Mammals have a larynx (voice box) and most birds have a syrinx, in order that they all are ready to vocalize. The woodpecker is an example of a bird that doesn’t vocalize but obviously still manages to form many noise. Insects without a larynx or a syrinx, like crickets and grasshoppers, can still generate noises by rubbing together their wings or legs.

Fish also are capable of uttering vocalizations, for instance, the croaking of a catfish, though people rarely hear their noises from above water. Fish with none physiological ability to vocalize also can make popping noises by contracting muscles in their bodies. Sharks are considered silent, aside from once they are eating; they generate a hydrodynamic sound when swimming quickly or changing direction, but they need no organ to get a vocal sound.

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